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The 3 Best FPS Games Today

The 3 Best FPS Games Today

Number 1: Call Of Duty Arguably one of the best first-person shooter franchises currently on the gaming market, Call Of...

The 3 Best FPS Games Today

The 3 Best FPS Games Today

Number 1: Call Of Duty

Arguably one of the best first-person shooter franchises currently on the gaming market, Call Of Duty combines military strategy with high-quality, realistic graphics to create a gaming experience that is immersive and energetic. There are many different games within this franchise each covering a different era of warfare. One of the biggest reasons why this game has done so well in my o[pimion would have to be the fact that there is so much unlockable content within each game, with a campaign story mode that takes even the best players many hours to complete you will definitely be occupied for a long time if you were to invest in one of these games.

If campaign modes are not for you then you will be glad to know that most COD games also come equipped with multiple game modes for you to enjoy. You can play many of these modes online with your friends for that extra enjoyment and to see who has the best aim within your party. COD is a gaming classic so if you have not already had the chance to play one of the many editions within this franchise then I would highly recommend that you give it a try for reliable gaming entertainment.

Number 2: ARK Survival

Another FPS game that is a little more unique in its story and gameplay experience would have to be ARK survival, this game has endless opportunities for gameplay and entertainment meaning that it is a worthy investment if you are looking for something that will keep you occupied for a long time. The basics of the game are to survive and build up your home amongst the wilderness using only the resources that are available around you. With many different routes you can take to reach a high-ranking position within the game, there is no set way to play through the storyline making the experience you have personal to your own play style.

One of the biggest unique selling points to ARK survival is the immersive and high-quality graphics that are featured, with cool additions like hunting and rearing dinosaurs only adding to the game’s overall impact. If you are wanting to get started with this game but wish to get to the more advanced features sooner than normal then you may want to take advantage of the many hacks and cheats for ark survival that are available, allowing you to skip ahead and progress to the more interesting parts of the game in no time.

Number 3: Star Wars Battlefront

The final FPS on this list that is definitely worth mentioning would have to be Star Wars Battlefront, although this game had a rocky release when it first came out thanks to the many updates and redesigns that this game had gone through it is now something worth recommending to you. For a first-person shooter to have so many different options in terms of gameplay all within the popular futuristic Star Wars theme, this game has proven to be very popular now that the necessary alterations have been made.

Star Wars Battlefront is known for high-energy combat situations as well as their engaging and dramatic storyline within the campaign mode, if you are looking for a game that is going to provide you with plenty of entertainment then this may be the option for you. Another great feature of this game that may be of interest to you if you are a Star Wars fan is the implementation of some of your favorite characters from the franchise, with unlockable skins so that you can change your player and add a personal touch to your overall gameplay experience.

9 In-Demand IT Jobs in the UK in 2021

9 In-Demand IT Jobs in the UK in 2021

If you are someone that has recently left education and you have a degree in IT, then you may be wondering what steps you can take to put your degree to use and pursue a career in the world of IT.  What you may not realise is that there are a lot of career opportunities for people with a degree in IT and you are quite spoiled for choice. Here are 9 in-demand IT jobs in the UK in 2021.

IT Support

For as long as there have been computers, there have been people who do not understand how to use their computers. Not everyone was born with the gift of understanding technology and so if you have a natural ability with IT, then there could be a job in IT support in your future. Many companies are always on the lookout for inhouse IT support to help keep things running and so if this sounds like something you could do, take a look at this article on becoming an IT support specialist to learn about what qualifications you need and what you can expect from a career in IT support.

Web Developer

If you have the skillset and experience when it comes to creating websites then you may want to look for a job in web development. Almost everything these days is online, which means many businesses need people to create company websites and create a place to advertise their products.

Website Tester

It is important to remember that as humans we can make mistakes. This means that even someone with years of experience could make a website that has mistakes and if these mistakes go unnoticed, companies could lose out on a lot of money. Many web development companies look for people to test their website to ensure that there are no mistakes and they prefer people with IT experience that will be able to describe any issues perfectly.

Computer Programmer

Computer programming is not something that is easy to do and so many companies are always eager for people with experience in that area.  What is great about getting into the world of computer programming is that there is always room for learning and many companies will pair you with a mentor that will improve your own skills.

Game Developer

If you are someone that loves gaming and you want to learn more about the world of creating games, we recommend that you look into game development. Games are getting more advanced every year and companies are always looking for the next generation of game developers to help improve the quality of the games that they are releasing.

Support Specialist

If you are someone who understands the world of IT and you have a brain full of IT knowledge, then you should look into becoming a support specialist. Support specialists don’t just diagnose simple problems with computers, they instead use their complex knowledge to solve complex issues that your everyday IT technician wouldn’t be able to. If you can think fast and solve difficult IT problems, then this is the job for you.

Network Engineer

Every business that depends on a lot of people using computers will have a network. A network allows a user to access their data, no matter what device they are using. Networks can, unfortunately, be unreliable and so they require constant maintenance.  Networks also face a lot of potential security risks and so require someone to be able to ensure that the data stored within them are safe.

Database Administrator

If you are someone that is organised and love working with data, then you must look into database administration. Database administrators use specific software that allows them to keep track of data. Examining data allows you to diagnose problems with a network or computer, which many companies find desirable.

Software Engineer

We are a society that lives almost entirely online. Each year companies develop new software that can be used to make everyday life much easier and more efficient. If you are someone with an idea for new software or you want to help with someone else’s idea,  why not look into being a software engineer?

Logging In To Secure Your Network Through

Are you clueless about your network? Try working out with which is equipped with the tool to make your network smartly. It is a default IP address of the router meant to manage your router’s settings, check for this IP address to optimize your system for better performance.

Some of the most commonly used routers brands use this IP address, which is equipped with the features that make your system work faster and better. D-Link and Netgear routers are the ones which have been used on a very massive scale, and that is the reason people wish to set it right to make the system works fast.

What is the function of this IP address?

While talking about this IP address, it helps you manage the Wi-Fi setting and secures your network by making it much safer from all kinds of filthy attacks. Monitor your network by using this IP address which is the first thing you need to do after router installation. There is already a default password which strengthens the system security by modifying router settings.

How to access the router through this IP address?

Using IP address for device configuration requires your computer to pick that address which lies within 192.168.0.x. Range. To set the static IP address of your computer, use the control panel and check for LAN properties. Click on IP properties and specify TCP/IP settings that you want to use. If these efforts are not successful, you need to reset your router by pressing the power button and holding it for few seconds.

You may easily login into your Netgear or D-link routers by entering username as admin and password as the password. To change the router password, you need to reach up to router settings that can also access even without no net connection. After you have reached the settings options, change it by saving your device from any technical problems.

Router Password has to be changed by accessing username and password and altering the latter through administrative interface option. You may secure your password by using password generators and entering it twice. It is a secure technique to make the required changes and to ensure your network functions aptly. This IP address is quite significant to make your network have ample security which creates better chances for smooth data transfer. The routers need to be secure so that any undesired connection is not established in your network by creating a kind of firewall to do away with the security breaches and threats.

Dealing With 192-168-L-L Error Through This Troubleshooting Guide

Have you been experiencing some issues related to your net connection? Does it say browser can’t connect when you try to connect Do you bridge your internet connection but you wish it to be direct?

If all of the above answers are yes, this guide is for you, which mention useful ways for the same!

First, do you know it is, which generally refers to 192.168.I?I and is an IP address of routers which connect you with the outside big digital world? You may often connect error and 192-168-l-l wireless router troubleshooting issue has been explained in this guide to help you deal with this.

What is is the default gateway of your router which connects your LAN with some other network. When you buy a router, the manufacturer sets this IP address as the default, which can change later through the router’s administrative panel. Modifying the login details of your router is necessary to shield your network from any access without permission.

Why you get can’t connect error?

If you go for browsing any website, it often shows you can’t connect problem. It happens for a reason when you have to change router settings and login details, and you encounter this problem. It also happens when your browser can’t get a path towards the router, making it impossible to retrieve requested pages from the server.

One can solve this problem effectively through the following steps:

  • Ping from cmd prompt
  • If you get a reply from, your network is working.
  • If it shows request time out, you are not connected to your router.

Which factors are responsible for showing up the connection error?

A handful of reasons are said to foster this networking problem, including the wrong configuration of TCP/IP. Besides this, the following factors can lead to trouble stunting the smooth net connection:

  • Wrong modem settings
  • TCP/IP conflicts in the multiple network cards
  • Problem with routers settings
  • If you have set the wrong gateway, like 192.168.I.I. instead of
  • If you have a proxy server in your browser

To have a clean connection, you need to work up with above problems, when these are solved, it’s great, if not you need to work with other options to set everything in a right mode.

Check for the following options to set everything perfectly on your router:

  • Turn on your router.
  • Ensure PC and router connection
  • Check your router’s connection with the modem.
  • Check router administrator interface by typing address in the browser.

In the troubleshooting process, you need to remember login details of your router, and if you have forgotten, a series of steps helps you recover that. Just have a glance on the steps below:

  • You can find login details of your router from manufacturer’s documentation
  • Reset your router so that default factory settings are recovered

If the above two steps don’t work, check from the web links about the login details by entering your router’s serial number and model. The following section talks about the router IP address for each OS such as Windows, Unix and Mac.

On windows

If you are using Windows OS, then watch out for this sequence:

  • Go to the command prompt
  • ipconfig | findstr/i “Gateway”

It shows up the default IP address of your router as

For Unix and Linux

Following steps give you the default IP address of your router:

  • Click Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal.
  • On the open terminal, type IP course | grep default

Macintosh OS

For MAC, follow the steps below:

  • Click Finder -> Applications -> Utilities ->
  • Type netstat – nr | grep default on

This sequence directs you to default IP address of your router, which can be changed by managing the router settings.

Set up your router

You also need to set up the wireless router which involves the following steps:

  • Connect your PC and router with Ethernet cable
  • Type in the address bar of your browser which opens the settings
  • Click Set up wizard and go to the wireless settings.
  • Choose wpk or wpa2 –psk which sets the password of your router.

While performing these steps, ensure that you put a strong password which is tough to be guessed by those who have a malafide intention to intrude your network and steal your data. After all the above steps are completed, reset your router to manage the router interface.

Initially, the address displayed is, after a few moments, an IP address is obtained, and your device gets connected with the Internet. The above procedures help you put in the smooth functioning of your router and seal it from error.