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The Easy And Simple Guide on How to Setup and Install FireStarter

FireStarter is the simple, yet easy firewall by Ubuntu that comes with a GUI administration tool. It is simple to set up and install the firewall. Here’s a guide on How to Setup and Install FireStarter without facing any error.

Why Go for Setup and Installation of FireStarter?

  • It is an open-source application that available for free of charge
  • It comes with a setup wizard that guides you through the setting process on your system
  • It has a user-friendly graphical interface to make navigation easier
  • It has an event monitor module that provides you with real-time intrusion attempts
  • It is suitable for gateways, desktops, laptops and servers
  • It has the best in class Linux used for spoofing, broadcasting and flooding
  • It provides supports for internet connection sharing with the DHCP option for all the different clients

Installing FireStarter

Below you will find the steps to Install FireStarter effectively on your Linux systems. Ensure to follow the steps properly to successfully install the app system without errors and complications. For most of the leading and popular Linux distribution today, FireStarter is packed with a pre-complied package that ensures that the application will perfectly incorporate with the distribution of your choice.

  • For RHEL/CentOS/Fedora, the FireStarter Package is available in RPM Package Format for all the RPM-based Linux distributions like Fedora, CentOS, Red Hat. So, users must download the correct RPM package based on their specific distribution from reliable online sources. Once the downloading of the package is over, you need to open the terminal and go to the directory where the RPM package has been download and type the command “# rmp –Uvh firestarter*rpm.
  • For Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint, the FireStarter package is maintained under Debian by default. So, users are simply required to Setup and Install FireStarter using the apt-get tool. They need to type: “$ Sudo, apt-get update and $ Sudo apt-get, install app firestarter.”
  • Compilation and Installation from Sources: Users are required to download the tar.gx version with the wget command. They need to use the tar command to unpack the tarball and go to the newly created directory and start configuring and compiling and installing the application.

How to Setup FireStarter and Use it?

  • After you Install FireStarter on the system, you need to launch the new terminal and enter the “# firestarter” command to start the FireStarter application.
  • FireStarter firewall app will open to guide you through the process of setting the firewall.
  • Now you need to choose the internet connection linked with the device from the detected device list and then click the button of “Forward.”
  • Nest, you need to launch and start the firewall by clicking on “Start Firewall Now” button and hit the “Save” button.

Once you save the settings, you will see three different pages on the FireStarter firewall dashboard:

  • Status
  • Events
  • Policy

The Status is the first page you will see once your launch the firewall and this Page provides you with the information about firewall status, events, network status and active connections. Following are the shortcuts that can be used to change the status of the firewall:

  • CTRL+P, Stop the Firewall
  • CTRL+S, Start the Firewall

The Policy page is the most crucial Page that you must be accustomed to. It helps you add, edit, remove your own rules and policies. The Page is separated into two categories:

  • Outbound traffic policy
  • Inbound traffic policy

Forgot Hotmail Password: Step By Step Procedure to Follow

It is not a rare scenario because long absence password is forgotten, and Hotmail access is denied. The situation is certainly terrible, frustrating and helpless. However, such difficulty is no more colossal to those aware of methods regarding how to use Microsoft Account recovery tool to reset the password. For using the Microsoft Account recovery tool when you forgot Hotmail password, you need email, phone number, and verification app linked with the account. You must also have the memory and competence to answer a few standard questions regarding account verification.

Hotmail is no more Hotmail.

Today Hotmail is identified as, it has changed the name, but it is possible to access the account from sign in Page. The Hotmail account works perfectly with Now there are few things to know that password can be retrieved, and one can access the account within 365 days of last logged in. One should keep in mind that accounts, which are not accessed within a year, would automatically be deleted. After deactivating the account manually, you will have exactly 30 days to settle things up where you can retrieve the account and reactivate the same right before it permanently deletes.

Retrieving Forgotten Hotmail Password

  • The moment you access, you will have a page opened before you where along with boxes asking for user id and password another option is visible, where help is offered if you cannot access the account or when you forgot Hotmail password.
  • This option is hyperlinked so you can click it.
  • The moment you click ‘Can’t Access Your Account’ you will straightway be redirected to the Page where there would be options provided again.
  • You need to choose the first one which declares ‘I Forgot my Password.’

Steps to Follow for Quick Retrieval Of Forgotten Hotmail Password

  • When you land on the Page where you choose the option I that Forgot my Password, two options would pop up, Next and Cancel, click Next.
  • The Page will open having the title Get Back To your Account, where you have to enter the Hotmail address to get your work done. There is another section below the field box, where the Captcha is to be entered accurately and clicked “Next”.
  • Another page will open where the verification part is to be fulfilled. Here the verification method is to be chosen.
  • To get smooth access to the forgotten password reset page, it is really important to verify identity with Microsoft. There are several methods to do that based upon the contact preferences set for the account.
  • Email- when there is a recovery Email address linked to the account, a verification code would be sent to it by choosing the ID. It should be kept in mind, to use recovery Email address, the ID should be set as secondary email ID at the initial stage.
  • Using the app: While having Microsoft Account app, a unique code can be generated to verify the identity.
  • Text: When a mobile number is linked to the account, a text would be sent to the registered mobile number.
  • While having None- It may be possible, none of the above alternatives is used, there is nothing to get worried about, just click “I don’t use these anymore”. A questionnaire would be opened, which would be helping you verify identity to the user. If you have forgotten, all the old details associated with the account, this method won’t offer any help.
  • Getting the code: Right after choosing an option, verification code would be sent, and the code is to be entered in the box offered, right after code submission, Password Reset page would be opened, where one can create a new password.

To block the influx of connections and traffic to your machine, you need to activate the inbound policy and to restrict the outgoing connections from the machine you need to activate the outbound policy from the Page.

How to Make Google USA My Homepage in Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari?

his guide is for you if you want to learn how to make Google USA My Homepage for various web browsers. Off late, there has been a growing demand for how you can change the browser settings to give it a more customized look. The Internet has always been one of the most important entities of our lives, expanding to wider levels.

If you choose to pick Google USA My Homepage you narrow down the search to the results you want and the best news is, you can do it for all the web browsers. So check out below how doing this would be easier.

Try out on chrome

You may not set a different home page for Google Chrome if you are using a tab or a phone but Make Google USA My Homepage in Chrome in your PC. Check the following steps for the same:

  • Go to computer’s browser
  • Click More -> Settings
  • Appearance -> Show home button, after checking the box
  • The web address below it appears
  • Click Change
  • Click Open this page
  • Enter the web address of desired web page in the text box
  • Click OK

The above procedure is simple to follow and sets the webpage in your browser.

Get it for Mozilla

Make Google USA My Homepage in Mozillaand get working with your favourite webpage by the sequence of steps we have come up with. Advantages of setting Google USA as home page focus your search to the US, convenient if you are presently in that area. Check out the following step to make this as your home page:

  • Just open the web browser and visit
  • There is a Home button on which you have to Drag and drop the
  • Finally Click Yes, this sets the Google USA to be your home page.

Internet explorer does the needful!

Make Google USA My Homepage in Internet Explorerby following the sequence below:

  • Go to the menu bar and click Tools
  • Select Internet Options
  • Click the General tab.
  • Go to Home page and enter the web address in the text box
  • Click OK

When these above steps are carried out, you need to restart your browser so that the new Homepage shows up.

Make Safari awesome

Safari is a fast web browser and Make Google USA My Homepage in Safarithrough the easy steps below:

  • Select Safari -> Preferences -> General
  • Select Homepage and go to New windows open with and New tabs open with
  • Enter the web address in the text box of a Homepage section

How to use iMessage on Chromebook?

Ever since mobile phones, SMS or short message service is the best thing to have happened. And the text message service continues to be everyone’s favourite even though several other applications have been launched in the genre. The reason is clear- it is convenient, fast, and economic and has some charm. Now imagine sending and receiving text messages from Chromebook, the comfort of typing texts on a full-sized keyboard is unmatched after all! All this is possible now, thanks to a software called ‘Pushbullet’. It allows the user to read the messages and reply to them on behalf of your calling device. The software is not only simple to use and set up but also free of cost. When we talk about searching your favourite movie or shows, Hotstar app is speedy to show the results. Though one can install this app for free, its premium membership also gives it a winning edge. Searching with keywords is easier and comes with prediction, you type initial keywords, and the address bar shows the whole name.

Setting up Pushbullet on your smartphone (Android and IOS)

  1. Go to the App store of the device you are using, download the Pushbullet app and install it.
  2. Sign in the app using either Facebook or Google.
  3. Whether you choose Facebook or Google, you will be taken to an authentication page, a onetime formality only. It can also be revoked whenever the user wishes to do so from Facebook or Google’s security settings.

Setting up Pushbullet on your Chromebook

  1. Go to the Chrome store of your Chromebook and download and install the Pushbullet app from there. Click on ‘Add to Chrome’ on the top right corner of the screen and then click on ‘Add’ to confirm the new extension.
  2. Once the extension is installed, you will now need to sign in using either Google or Facebook in the same manner as you did in your smartphone.
  3. You will also need to follow the same authentication method as in the case of your phone or tablet.

With this, you complete the process of downloading and installing and are ready to use Pushbullet.

Sending a text message on Chromebook using Pushbullet

Follow these steps to send a message on Chromebook:

  • Open the Pushbullet app on chrome by clicking on its icon and then tap on the SMS.
  • You will see a text message format. Once you click on the ‘To’ field, you will be suggested all the contacts in your phone book. Choose one of the contacts or type a number if you want.
  • Type the message in the given space and send.
  • The sent messages will also be shown in the default SMS app that has been chosen.

Reading a text message on Chromebook and replying it

Follow these steps to reply a text message on Chromebook:

  • Once you send the message on your phone, you will receive a notification on your Pushbullet app on Chromebook at the bottom right of the screen within a few seconds.
  • Click on the ‘Reply’ button that you see on it. It will bring up the quick reply box.
  • You can now type your reply in the box and press the ‘Return’ key since there is no send button.

The above sequences mentioned are perfect if you want to give a customized look to your web browser, which eventually boosts your search results, requiring less time to show up. For restricting your web searching, setting the homepage seems to be the best option for you.

Quick Guide To Manage The Setting Of Your Routers

Do you know how to manage the settings of your router? Do you know why you need to manage your router’s settings? Do you know what role does the router setting has in making your network secure? If you seek answers to all these questions, this quick guide is for you, which explains the role of and how it can be utilized to make your network work without facing any security issues.

What is is the default IP address of the router, a private IP address and used by Netgear and D-link brands. No network addresses are granted to these two brands. Therefore, these routers can use the default address if your network requires it. When many routers are installed on several networks, they may use the same IP addresses, which can be changed through the router’s administrative console.

Use of

This private IP address is used to configure the network you own provided you are the network administrator of this particular network.

How to use to configure the Netgear router?

To use this IP address to manage the setting of Netgear router, check the steps below:

  • Turn on Netgear router.
  • Through Ethernet cable, connect PC with the router.
  • Open the web browser and type -> press Enter.
  • Enter username and password -> click OK
  • On the router’s main configuration page, go to wireless settings and edit the details of a username or password -> click Apply.

Note: Physical connection between router and PC is required because end-user cannot change any wireless connection configuration without hard-wired connection.

Procedure to access D-link router

Most of the steps followed for accessing the D-link router are same with minor modifications:

  • Turn on the D-Link router and restart your computer
  • Enter in the address bar of your web browser and press enter
  • For the user name, enter admin and leave blank for the password.
  • Log in after accessing the Run Wizard or choose Wireless link, and latter is used to set the configuration manually.

While talking about setting the router as per manual configuration, you can check details that this guide offers you. You need to also look into setting the d-Link and Netgear router, making it perfect for you to run your router nicely.

Use of changing the password

While going for changing router password, you are securing your network. This makes you have full-scale security to create a secure network, thus providing better data transfer and speedy connection, leading to quickly accessing the information you need. Changing the password also stunts the possibility of eavesdropping on your network and to ensure a stealth appearance to your network, hide it and use another name so that data theft becomes a remote possibility for the attackers.

Altering The Settings, If Network Using The IP Address!!

The IP address of is one of the most common addresses which network administrators use. The IP address plays a very important role when one needs to set up a brand new wireless connection. This article will primarily discuss the important highlights of, which is also termed as a default IP.

Things to do with IP of

Having an IP address of, one gets complete automation of it. All one needs to do is log in using the IP address as admin. After doing that, one can easily alter the router settings of the wireless connection. Some of the basic privileges which one gets after altering the settings as an admin include,

  • Safety settings
  • WLAN settings
  • Network settings
  • WAN
  • Administration of network
  • Proxy settings
  • Security settings and other options

Having accessibility to the router credentials, administration of the network becomes very easy, as data flow can be acknowledged. It is also known to work as the default gateway of the network.

It is very important to make sure that only one device, in a specified network, is using a particular IP. If more than the device is known to have to the same IP address in a particular network, then there is a good scope of malfunctions, which can restrict internet usage.

Understanding the concept of troubleshooting

Some important points, regarding troubleshooting of network issues, includes,

  • It is very important to enter the right IP address on the browser. Otherwise, one ant leads to accessibility option of the wireless router. While entering the IP address, one should be highly precise so that there won’t be any scope left for errors.
  • If one is facing any issues regarding the network, connection, then the first and foremost, he should check the router settings of the network. It is necessary because the problem in router settings is one of the most common problems that one undergoes while experiencing any network issues.
  • Anyone who wants to alter the router’s settings needs to enter the IP address on the web browser, and he is good to go. Along with that, some other functionalities provided with the IP address are the change in LAN settings, changing the login credentials, altering the settings, or performing any safety options.
  • Suppose one gets a feeling that anybody has gained the accessibility to the network, unethically. In that case, one should change the router settings so that the problem can be resolved, to do so, one first needs to login to the router settings options, using the login credentials. After login o the router page, he can alter the settings, and resolve the problem of unethical access.

So, suppose you are facing any issues regarding the network setting of the wireless router. In that case, you consider seeking access to the router setting, which can help solve the connection issue. Changing the password of your computer is easier, and there are not many issues involved. Therefore, you should look into the procedure that enhances your system’s security and calls for protection.

Logging In To Secure Your Network Through

Are you clueless about your network? Try working out with which is equipped with the tool to make your network smartly. It is a default IP address of the router meant to manage your router’s settings, check for this IP address to optimize your system for better performance.

Some of the most commonly used routers brands use this IP address, which is equipped with the features that make your system work faster and better. D-Link and Netgear routers are the ones which have been used on a very massive scale, and that is the reason people wish to set it right to make the system works fast.

What is the function of this IP address?

While talking about this IP address, it helps you manage the Wi-Fi setting and secures your network by making it much safer from all kinds of filthy attacks. Monitor your network by using this IP address which is the first thing you need to do after router installation. There is already a default password which strengthens the system security by modifying router settings.

How to access the router through this IP address?

Using IP address for device configuration requires your computer to pick that address which lies within 192.168.0.x. Range. To set the static IP address of your computer, use the control panel and check for LAN properties. Click on IP properties and specify TCP/IP settings that you want to use. If these efforts are not successful, you need to reset your router by pressing the power button and holding it for few seconds.

You may easily login into your Netgear or D-link routers by entering username as admin and password as the password. To change the router password, you need to reach up to router settings that can also access even without no net connection. After you have reached the settings options, change it by saving your device from any technical problems.

Router Password has to be changed by accessing username and password and altering the latter through administrative interface option. You may secure your password by using password generators and entering it twice. It is a secure technique to make the required changes and to ensure your network functions aptly. This IP address is quite significant to make your network have ample security which creates better chances for smooth data transfer. The routers need to be secure so that any undesired connection is not established in your network by creating a kind of firewall to do away with the security breaches and threats.

Dealing With 192-168-L-L Error Through This Troubleshooting Guide

Have you been experiencing some issues related to your net connection? Does it say browser can’t connect when you try to connect Do you bridge your internet connection but you wish it to be direct?

If all of the above answers are yes, this guide is for you, which mention useful ways for the same!

First, do you know it is, which generally refers to 192.168.I?I and is an IP address of routers which connect you with the outside big digital world? You may often connect error and 192-168-l-l wireless router troubleshooting issue has been explained in this guide to help you deal with this.

What is is the default gateway of your router which connects your LAN with some other network. When you buy a router, the manufacturer sets this IP address as the default, which can change later through the router’s administrative panel. Modifying the login details of your router is necessary to shield your network from any access without permission.

Why you get can’t connect error?

If you go for browsing any website, it often shows you can’t connect problem. It happens for a reason when you have to change router settings and login details, and you encounter this problem. It also happens when your browser can’t get a path towards the router, making it impossible to retrieve requested pages from the server.

One can solve this problem effectively through the following steps:

  • Ping from cmd prompt
  • If you get a reply from, your network is working.
  • If it shows request time out, you are not connected to your router.

Which factors are responsible for showing up the connection error?

A handful of reasons are said to foster this networking problem, including the wrong configuration of TCP/IP. Besides this, the following factors can lead to trouble stunting the smooth net connection:

  • Wrong modem settings
  • TCP/IP conflicts in the multiple network cards
  • Problem with routers settings
  • If you have set the wrong gateway, like 192.168.I.I. instead of
  • If you have a proxy server in your browser

To have a clean connection, you need to work up with above problems, when these are solved, it’s great, if not you need to work with other options to set everything in a right mode.

Check for the following options to set everything perfectly on your router:

  • Turn on your router.
  • Ensure PC and router connection
  • Check your router’s connection with the modem.
  • Check router administrator interface by typing address in the browser.

In the troubleshooting process, you need to remember login details of your router, and if you have forgotten, a series of steps helps you recover that. Just have a glance on the steps below:

  • You can find login details of your router from manufacturer’s documentation
  • Reset your router so that default factory settings are recovered

If the above two steps don’t work, check from the web links about the login details by entering your router’s serial number and model. The following section talks about the router IP address for each OS such as Windows, Unix and Mac.

On windows

If you are using Windows OS, then watch out for this sequence:

  • Go to the command prompt
  • ipconfig | findstr/i “Gateway”

It shows up the default IP address of your router as

For Unix and Linux

Following steps give you the default IP address of your router:

  • Click Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal.
  • On the open terminal, type IP course | grep default

Macintosh OS

For MAC, follow the steps below:

  • Click Finder -> Applications -> Utilities ->
  • Type netstat – nr | grep default on

This sequence directs you to default IP address of your router, which can be changed by managing the router settings.

Set up your router

You also need to set up the wireless router which involves the following steps:

  • Connect your PC and router with Ethernet cable
  • Type in the address bar of your browser which opens the settings
  • Click Set up wizard and go to the wireless settings.
  • Choose wpk or wpa2 –psk which sets the password of your router.

While performing these steps, ensure that you put a strong password which is tough to be guessed by those who have a malafide intention to intrude your network and steal your data. After all the above steps are completed, reset your router to manage the router interface.

Initially, the address displayed is, after a few moments, an IP address is obtained, and your device gets connected with the Internet. The above procedures help you put in the smooth functioning of your router and seal it from error.