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The Easy And Simple Guide on How to Setup and Install FireStarter

FireStarter is the simple, yet easy firewall by Ubuntu that comes with a GUI administration tool. It is simple to set up and install the firewall. Here’s a guide on How to Setup and Install FireStarter without facing any error.

Why Go for Setup and Installation of FireStarter?

  • It is an open-source application that available for free of charge
  • It comes with a setup wizard that guides you through the setting process on your system
  • It has a user-friendly graphical interface to make navigation easier
  • It has an event monitor module that provides you with real-time intrusion attempts
  • It is suitable for gateways, desktops, laptops and servers
  • It has the best in class Linux used for spoofing, broadcasting and flooding
  • It provides supports for internet connection sharing with the DHCP option for all the different clients

Installing FireStarter

Below you will find the steps to Install FireStarter effectively on your Linux systems. Ensure to follow the steps properly to successfully install the app system without errors and complications. For most of the leading and popular Linux distribution today, FireStarter is packed with a pre-complied package that ensures that the application will perfectly incorporate with the distribution of your choice.

  • For RHEL/CentOS/Fedora, the FireStarter Package is available in RPM Package Format for all the RPM-based Linux distributions like Fedora, CentOS, Red Hat. So, users must download the correct RPM package based on their specific distribution from reliable online sources. Once the downloading of the package is over, you need to open the terminal and go to the directory where the RPM package has been download and type the command “# rmp –Uvh firestarter*rpm.
  • For Debian/Ubuntu/Linux Mint, the FireStarter package is maintained under Debian by default. So, users are simply required to Setup and Install FireStarter using the apt-get tool. They need to type: “$ Sudo, apt-get update and $ Sudo apt-get, install app firestarter.”
  • Compilation and Installation from Sources: Users are required to download the tar.gx version with the wget command. They need to use the tar command to unpack the tarball and go to the newly created directory and start configuring and compiling and installing the application.

How to Setup FireStarter and Use it?

  • After you Install FireStarter on the system, you need to launch the new terminal and enter the “# firestarter” command to start the FireStarter application.
  • FireStarter firewall app will open to guide you through the process of setting the firewall.
  • Now you need to choose the internet connection linked with the device from the detected device list and then click the button of “Forward.”
  • Nest, you need to launch and start the firewall by clicking on “Start Firewall Now” button and hit the “Save” button.

Once you save the settings, you will see three different pages on the FireStarter firewall dashboard:

  • Status
  • Events
  • Policy

The Status is the first page you will see once your launch the firewall and this Page provides you with the information about firewall status, events, network status and active connections. Following are the shortcuts that can be used to change the status of the firewall:

  • CTRL+P, Stop the Firewall
  • CTRL+S, Start the Firewall

The Policy page is the most crucial Page that you must be accustomed to. It helps you add, edit, remove your own rules and policies. The Page is separated into two categories:

  • Outbound traffic policy
  • Inbound traffic policy

Forgot Hotmail Password: Step By Step Procedure to Follow

It is not a rare scenario because long absence password is forgotten, and Hotmail access is denied. The situation is certainly terrible, frustrating and helpless. However, such difficulty is no more colossal to those aware of methods regarding how to use Microsoft Account recovery tool to reset the password. For using the Microsoft Account recovery tool when you forgot Hotmail password, you need email, phone number, and verification app linked with the account. You must also have the memory and competence to answer a few standard questions regarding account verification.

Hotmail is no more Hotmail.

Today Hotmail is identified as Outlook.com, it has changed the name, but it is possible to access the account from Outlook.com sign in Page. The Hotmail account works perfectly with Outlook.com. Now there are few things to know that password can be retrieved, and one can access the account within 365 days of last logged in. One should keep in mind that accounts, which are not accessed within a year, would automatically be deleted. After deactivating the account manually, you will have exactly 30 days to settle things up where you can retrieve the account and reactivate the same right before it permanently deletes.

Retrieving Forgotten Hotmail Password

  • The moment you access Outlook.com, you will have a page opened before you where along with boxes asking for user id and password another option is visible, where help is offered if you cannot access the account or when you forgot Hotmail password.
  • This option is hyperlinked so you can click it.
  • The moment you click ‘Can’t Access Your Account’ you will straightway be redirected to the Page where there would be options provided again.
  • You need to choose the first one which declares ‘I Forgot my Password.’

Steps to Follow for Quick Retrieval Of Forgotten Hotmail Password

  • When you land on the Page where you choose the option I that Forgot my Password, two options would pop up, Next and Cancel, click Next.
  • The Page will open having the title Get Back To your Account, where you have to enter the Hotmail address to get your work done. There is another section below the field box, where the Captcha is to be entered accurately and clicked “Next”.
  • Another page will open where the verification part is to be fulfilled. Here the verification method is to be chosen.
  • To get smooth access to the forgotten password reset page, it is really important to verify identity with Microsoft. There are several methods to do that based upon the contact preferences set for the account.
  • Email- when there is a recovery Email address linked to the account, a verification code would be sent to it by choosing the ID. It should be kept in mind, to use recovery Email address, the ID should be set as secondary email ID at the initial stage.
  • Using the app: While having Microsoft Account app, a unique code can be generated to verify the identity.
  • Text: When a mobile number is linked to the account, a text would be sent to the registered mobile number.
  • While having None- It may be possible, none of the above alternatives is used, there is nothing to get worried about, just click “I don’t use these anymore”. A questionnaire would be opened, which would be helping you verify identity to the user. If you have forgotten, all the old details associated with the account, this method won’t offer any help.
  • Getting the code: Right after choosing an option, verification code would be sent, and the code is to be entered in the box offered, right after code submission, Password Reset page would be opened, where one can create a new password.

To block the influx of connections and traffic to your machine, you need to activate the inbound policy and to restrict the outgoing connections from the machine you need to activate the outbound policy from the Page.