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The Best Operating System Out There – Microsoft Windows

In the world we are living in, a computer has become a necessity. A computer is one of the most important and useful machines available to a human. It’s not only important, but it is everything to a human being, what I mean by that is, that a person’s whole work is dependent on a computer, a person who wants to work with his full potential will need a computer to complete his work. Since the invention of the computer, a human’s life has become very easy and less time consuming when it comes to working. But, do you know there is a system inside the computer that keeps it running and operating. The system is an operating system.

What is an operating system?

An operating system in a simple term is a software that enables a user to operate other applications and software on a computer. This software also can have direct interacting with a hardware device. An operating system is a software that manages other applications and programs on the computer. There are several types of the operating system in this world, but the best and most used, and also which is there are most of the computers is Microsoft Windows.

What is Microsoft Windows?

It is an operating system which is developed and designed by Microsoft. It has the same purpose, just like other operating systems. It makes the computer user-friendly by organizing information and giving a graphical display that makes the functioning easier. When we talk about operating systems, the OS used in mainly every computer is MICROSOFT WINDOWS. The reason for this is because of its numerous features and an amazing user interface.

Features of Microsoft Windows

Since it’s the best operating system in the world, it has a large number of features:

  1. Compatible –MICROSOFT WINDOWS is compatible with every device and application. Most of the devices and applications in this world are made so that they can run on windows.
  2. Speed – when we talk about this OS’s speed, Windows is considered one of the fasted operating systems in the world. Windows is known for its fast booting time and running the application in a few seconds.
  3. Security and safety – the security and safety of MICROSOFT WINDOWS are up there. It offers several ways to secure your data and computer. And the best part about it is that it has very easy steps in enabling that.
  4. User interface – the user interface of windows is very user-friendly. It is made in such a way that everyone can easily use it without any interference. The working of the OS is very smooth and runs all the applications without any interference.

Netgear Router Setup through

Getting information is very important these days, and nowadays it’s become possible to get this info through the Internet. The Internet plays a very important role in our lives, and it has got a long list of uses to its name. Ask anybody about its uses, and you’ll get a rain of answers as it helps anybody with almost anything. And as technology improves, people want the services of the Internet to be fast. Internet speed is in great demand nowadays, and many companies are coming up to provide us with this speed. And it’s very economical to get this Internet at the same price but with better speed. For this, we need to talk about Wi-Fi routers. They are better than our cellular data, and today we will see about a router called Netgear and the Netgear router setup through


Let’s brief ourselves with something about Netgear. Netgear is a Wi-Fi router that can provide you connections to the Internet with better speed and quality. Netgear claims themselves to be the first in the world to introduce the fastest wireless Wi-Fi router. They have come up with these routers after doing so much to enhance the speed of the Internet. Nowadays, there are so many devices in a house that calls for good quality, strong and fast internet connection. So Netgear is very much helpful in this, and they have a range of devices for getting a good connection to the Internet.

It is an IP address or Internet Protocol address that can help one’s devices like computer, router, printer and such to be identified when they are connected to a network that may be public or private. It has been used by manufacturers the world over as the default address of ADSL modems or wireless routers. It is one of the most common addresses. These addresses are very important, and they can help locate a device by the knowledge of this address.

Setting up a Netgear Router through

Let’s look at the methods to set up your Netgear router, and there are two methods based on the type of Netgear router you use. They are the Netgear Smart Wizard and the Genie.

Using the Smart Wizard

  • Your modem must be connected to the internet port, and one must connect their computer to the LAN port.
  • All these devices have to be booted for which you have to switch them off and then on. These devices are your router, computer and the modem.
  • Type on your web browser, and you’ll be asked to log in to the router. The user name and password will be asked: ‘ admin’ and ‘password’ respectively by default. If they don’t work, you’ll have to do a factory reset and try again.
  • Then you will be taken to a Setup Wizard page, where you’ll be required to answer some questions. Do as you are required, and you’ll have completed this process.
  • Go to Maintenance and then to Router Status to assure that you have been connected to the Internet. The router now saves your settings. Thus you have set up your Netgear router through

Using the Netgear Genie

  • Remove all the connections temporarily like the battery, router power cards, and the modem must be unplugged.
  • Use an Ethernet port to connect the modem to the internet port and the LAN port computer.
  • Put back all that you removed and power it on.
  • Then go to the browser and follow as you did above.
  • A congratulations page shows that the setup to Netgear router is completed.

Now you have completed the Netgear router setup through the market for operating systems, there are very few of them which have been successful. But windows Microsoft, on the other hand, has made quite an impact on the OS market. Microsoft Windows, due to its amazing functioning, has changed the whole complexion of the computer industry. With the coming time, the impact of windows on computers will get bigger and bigger, making it more influential.