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Quick Guide To Manage The Setting Of Your Routers

Do you know how to manage the settings of your router? Do you know why you need to manage your router’s settings? Do you know what role does the router setting has in making your network secure? If you seek answers to all these questions, this quick guide is for you, which explains the role of and how it can be utilized to make your network work without facing any security issues.

What is is the default IP address of the router, a private IP address and used by Netgear and D-link brands. No network addresses are granted to these two brands. Therefore, these routers can use the default address if your network requires it. When many routers are installed on several networks, they may use the same IP addresses, which can be changed through the router’s administrative console.

Use of

This private IP address is used to configure the network you own provided you are the network administrator of this particular network.

How to use to configure the Netgear router?

To use this IP address to manage the setting of Netgear router, check the steps below:

  • Turn on Netgear router.
  • Through Ethernet cable, connect PC with the router.
  • Open the web browser and type -> press Enter.
  • Enter username and password -> click OK
  • On the router’s main configuration page, go to wireless settings and edit the details of a username or password -> click Apply.

Note: Physical connection between router and PC is required because end-user cannot change any wireless connection configuration without hard-wired connection.

Procedure to access D-link router

Most of the steps followed for accessing the D-link router are same with minor modifications:

  • Turn on the D-Link router and restart your computer
  • Enter in the address bar of your web browser and press enter
  • For the user name, enter admin and leave blank for the password.
  • Log in after accessing the Run Wizard or choose Wireless link, and latter is used to set the configuration manually.

While talking about setting the router as per manual configuration, you can check details that this guide offers you. You need to also look into setting the d-Link and Netgear router, making it perfect for you to run your router nicely.

Use of changing the password

While going for changing router password, you are securing your network. This makes you have full-scale security to create a secure network, thus providing better data transfer and speedy connection, leading to quickly accessing the information you need. Changing the password also stunts the possibility of eavesdropping on your network and to ensure a stealth appearance to your network, hide it and use another name so that data theft becomes a remote possibility for the attackers.

Altering The Settings, If Network Using The IP Address!!

The IP address of is one of the most common addresses which network administrators use. The IP address plays a very important role when one needs to set up a brand new wireless connection. This article will primarily discuss the important highlights of, which is also termed as a default IP.

Things to do with IP of

Having an IP address of, one gets complete automation of it. All one needs to do is log in using the IP address as admin. After doing that, one can easily alter the router settings of the wireless connection. Some of the basic privileges which one gets after altering the settings as an admin include,

  • Safety settings
  • WLAN settings
  • Network settings
  • WAN
  • Administration of network
  • Proxy settings
  • Security settings and other options

Having accessibility to the router credentials, administration of the network becomes very easy, as data flow can be acknowledged. It is also known to work as the default gateway of the network.

It is very important to make sure that only one device, in a specified network, is using a particular IP. If more than the device is known to have to the same IP address in a particular network, then there is a good scope of malfunctions, which can restrict internet usage.

Understanding the concept of troubleshooting

Some important points, regarding troubleshooting of network issues, includes,

  • It is very important to enter the right IP address on the browser. Otherwise, one ant leads to accessibility option of the wireless router. While entering the IP address, one should be highly precise so that there won’t be any scope left for errors.
  • If one is facing any issues regarding the network, connection, then the first and foremost, he should check the router settings of the network. It is necessary because the problem in router settings is one of the most common problems that one undergoes while experiencing any network issues.
  • Anyone who wants to alter the router’s settings needs to enter the IP address on the web browser, and he is good to go. Along with that, some other functionalities provided with the IP address are the change in LAN settings, changing the login credentials, altering the settings, or performing any safety options.
  • Suppose one gets a feeling that anybody has gained the accessibility to the network, unethically. In that case, one should change the router settings so that the problem can be resolved, to do so, one first needs to login to the router settings options, using the login credentials. After login o the router page, he can alter the settings, and resolve the problem of unethical access.

So, suppose you are facing any issues regarding the network setting of the wireless router. In that case, you consider seeking access to the router setting, which can help solve the connection issue. Changing the password of your computer is easier, and there are not many issues involved. Therefore, you should look into the procedure that enhances your system’s security and calls for protection.