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Is iMessage down? How To Check If Apple Services Are Down Or Up?

So here is this scenario, you are using an Apple device or multiple devices. You depend primarily on its services like iMessage, FaceTime, iCloud, Siri, Apple ID, App Store or iTunes for your day-to-day communication and work. And suddenly you have issues with the services and cannot perform your simple, daily tasks like sending text messages, backing up or logging into the online stores. You might encounter user problems, see various error messages or have failures while performing the tasks. Let us discuss it in detail. There are two possible reasons for such problems:

  • The issues relating to the services can be user created.
  • The issues might be from Apple’s side when their online services are down and offline.

How to check if Apple Services are down or up?

Before you start troubleshooting the problems, it is important to check whether the Apple services are up or down. One can do it by following these simple steps:

Step 1

You need to open the web browser of any device you are working on (not necessarily an IOS device). It can be a Windows or an Android device as well.

Step 2

Go to the official web page of the Apple support system status page on the official website of Apple, www.apple.com.

Step 3

You will see all the status of services of Apple mentioned here on this page. You can see whether a service is up or down based on the colour.

  • If you see a green colour next to the service’s name, it means it is up and functioning as intended.
  • In case you see red, yellow or orange (any colour other than green colour) next to the name of the service, it indicates that the service is not functioning as intended and is disrupted or down. It can be the reason for your issues with the services.

What to do in case the issues are user created?

If the user faces issues that are related to the services even if the Apple System Status switchboard shows all the services in green colour and online, the user must try the following:

  1. Try rebooting an IOS device.
  2. Force rebooting a Mac.
  3. Disconnecting and then reconnecting the internet services for a seamless network.
  4. Toggling the services on and off from the settings of the device.
  5. Checking the router or the gateway and connecting and reconnecting it with the device, if need be.
  6. Checking whether the internet connection is working or not.
  7. Installing software updates that have been pending for quite some time.

While there are innumerable reasons for a device not getting connected to the services, the tricks mentioned earlier are some of the most common ones used in case of failure to connect to any services.

How to play Chicken Scream App?

Playing this game involves controlling the chicken, and the following steps help you do that:

  • Don’t make any noise to stop the chicken.
  • To make your chicken walk, speak in a soft voice.
  • To make the chicken jump above the waterways, scream with all your heart!

It is the first rule you need to consider, which involves playing in a silent environment and making no unnecessary noise.

What is the plot of the game?

This being an endless runners game, requires your chicken to jump above the water level so that it does not fall. This game runs on 2D mode and requires you to make moderate noise to keep your protagonist alive and moving. Keep in mind that this feathery friend of your will not move backwards, so make each of your moves very carefully, little wrongdoing on your side will perish the petty chicken! Among these 4 billion unique addresses, certain blocks remain reserved to be in use for private networks called as private IP addresses. It is perhaps the reason why your router does not need to have a private IP address. Rather, it assigns one to every device connected over your home, office or enterprise network allowing any device to connect to any other device over that network via the assigned private IP address.

While using, should connect your router’s LAN port to the computer’s network port. If this connection is set properly, solid link lights need to show up otherwise, use your connections to different ports on the same device. Enable the LAN connection through the control panel and if this LAN connection is marked as bridged, select to remove from bridge option.

Talking about the obstacles, you need to avoid these at all costs so that water doesn’t trouble your agile chicken. The game may seem to be endless, but the plot ends when the chicken reaches the destination.

Unlocking the characters

Get new poultry with the help of coins, and to unlock new characters, you need to keep playing incessantly. Digital currency is there, but you will still have to pay to unlock the game characters.

How to get rewards in the game?

There is a virtual wheel of fortune in the game and to get rewards daily, you can spin it a few times a day which reaps some extra rewards.

New features introduced in the latest version

Developers have come up with version 1.10 of Chicken Scream app, which includes coin collection and shopping by unlocking the new chickens through your coins. Besides that, you also get daily rewards while making good scores in this game. Seasoned gamers recommend that you play the game well and learn how to cross new obstacles doesn’t seem impossible.

Additional information about the game

This app is highly appreciated for being interactive and was updated on 1 April 2017 and. This app has been downloaded for more than 5,000,000 times and presently, its current version 1.2.0 runs. Chicken Scream App requires 4.0.3 and up versions which make it truly appreciable in all respects.

So the next time you are confused about Apple services’ status, visit their official support page to check the same.