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How to Make Google USA My Homepage in Chrome, Mozilla, Internet Explorer, Safari?

his guide is for you if you want to learn how to make Google USA My Homepage for various web browsers. Off late, there has been a growing demand for how you can change the browser settings to give it a more customized look. The Internet has always been one of the most important entities of our lives, expanding to wider levels.

If you choose to pick Google USA My Homepage you narrow down the search to the results you want and the best news is, you can do it for all the web browsers. So check out below how doing this would be easier.

Try out on chrome

You may not set a different home page for Google Chrome if you are using a tab or a phone but Make Google USA My Homepage in Chrome in your PC. Check the following steps for the same:

  • Go to computer’s browser
  • Click More -> Settings
  • Appearance -> Show home button, after checking the box
  • The web address below it appears
  • Click Change
  • Click Open this page
  • Enter the web address of desired web page in the text box
  • Click OK

The above procedure is simple to follow and sets the webpage in your browser.

Get it for Mozilla

Make Google USA My Homepage in Mozillaand get working with your favourite webpage by the sequence of steps we have come up with. Advantages of setting Google USA as home page focus your search to the US, convenient if you are presently in that area. Check out the following step to make this as your home page:

  • Just open the web browser and visit www.google.com.
  • There is a Home button on which you have to Drag and drop the www.google.com.
  • Finally Click Yes, this sets the Google USA to be your home page.

Internet explorer does the needful!

Make Google USA My Homepage in Internet Explorerby following the sequence below:

  • Go to the menu bar and click Tools
  • Select Internet Options
  • Click the General tab.
  • Go to Home page and enter the web address in the text box
  • Click OK

When these above steps are carried out, you need to restart your browser so that the new Homepage shows up.

Make Safari awesome

Safari is a fast web browser and Make Google USA My Homepage in Safarithrough the easy steps below:

  • Select Safari -> Preferences -> General
  • Select Homepage and go to New windows open with and New tabs open with
  • Enter the web address in the text box of a Homepage section

How to use iMessage on Chromebook?

Ever since mobile phones, SMS or short message service is the best thing to have happened. And the text message service continues to be everyone’s favourite even though several other applications have been launched in the genre. The reason is clear- it is convenient, fast, and economic and has some charm. Now imagine sending and receiving text messages from Chromebook, the comfort of typing texts on a full-sized keyboard is unmatched after all! All this is possible now, thanks to a software called ‘Pushbullet’. It allows the user to read the messages and reply to them on behalf of your calling device. The software is not only simple to use and set up but also free of cost. When we talk about searching your favourite movie or shows, Hotstar app is speedy to show the results. Though one can install this app for free, its premium membership also gives it a winning edge. Searching with keywords is easier and comes with prediction, you type initial keywords, and the address bar shows the whole name.

Setting up Pushbullet on your smartphone (Android and IOS)

  1. Go to the App store of the device you are using, download the Pushbullet app and install it.
  2. Sign in the app using either Facebook or Google.
  3. Whether you choose Facebook or Google, you will be taken to an authentication page, a onetime formality only. It can also be revoked whenever the user wishes to do so from Facebook or Google’s security settings.

Setting up Pushbullet on your Chromebook

  1. Go to the Chrome store of your Chromebook and download and install the Pushbullet app from there. Click on ‘Add to Chrome’ on the top right corner of the screen and then click on ‘Add’ to confirm the new extension.
  2. Once the extension is installed, you will now need to sign in using either Google or Facebook in the same manner as you did in your smartphone.
  3. You will also need to follow the same authentication method as in the case of your phone or tablet.

With this, you complete the process of downloading and installing and are ready to use Pushbullet.

Sending a text message on Chromebook using Pushbullet

Follow these steps to send a message on Chromebook:

  • Open the Pushbullet app on chrome by clicking on its icon and then tap on the SMS.
  • You will see a text message format. Once you click on the ‘To’ field, you will be suggested all the contacts in your phone book. Choose one of the contacts or type a number if you want.
  • Type the message in the given space and send.
  • The sent messages will also be shown in the default SMS app that has been chosen.

Reading a text message on Chromebook and replying it

Follow these steps to reply a text message on Chromebook:

  • Once you send the message on your phone, you will receive a notification on your Pushbullet app on Chromebook at the bottom right of the screen within a few seconds.
  • Click on the ‘Reply’ button that you see on it. It will bring up the quick reply box.
  • You can now type your reply in the box and press the ‘Return’ key since there is no send button.

The above sequences mentioned are perfect if you want to give a customized look to your web browser, which eventually boosts your search results, requiring less time to show up. For restricting your web searching, setting the homepage seems to be the best option for you.