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How To Change Homepage Settings In Google Chrome, Safari And Mozilla Firefox?

You may be running your browser in a very nice way on your PC, but how many of you are interested in changing the homepage settings in the browsers that you are using. Well, it could be Safari, Mozilla or Google Chrome, but you need to understand how easy it is to change the homepage.

When you launch your browser, new windows are opened automatically, and the page shown is the default one. If you find it boring and monotonous, follow this guide which has placed many options for you to create a look of your browser page that allures you every time it starts.

For Google Chrome

The procedure to change homepage settings in Google Chrome is quite simple, and you will not find anything complicated. You may set either your homepage or startup page as they are not the same.

Just follow the steps below to have an awesome homepage setting for your Google chrome:

  • Enter in the address bar chrome://settings/
  • Go to the browser settings
  • Select settings -> Appearance -> Show home button
  • Click change to choose the homepage you want to set

While setting up the malware, make sure there is no malware in your system as in this case, you may see an already existing startup page that you did not set.

For Safari

Coming on to changing homepage settings in Safari, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go to edit -> Preferences
  • Change the default homepage by clearing out the address in the home page box
  • A dialogue box opens which as asks for changing your homepage to Google search

Now it is possible for you to Google search from Safari without visiting the Google Webpage. It is a perfect sequence of steps you need to follow to change your home page, in case it does not work, your system is probably troubled by malware.

For Mozilla Firefox

To change Homepage Settings in Mozilla Firefox, it happens almost automatically if you wish to use the Firefox on your system. The procedure is simple and requires just two steps to be followed:

  • Open the tab
  • On the home button, drag the tab and drop it
  • Click yes, which sets this page as your home page

If you want more home page settings, go-to options from the menu and pick the general panel. From here, a blank page is shown when the browser starts up. If you want to set more home pages, each page must be opened in a separate tab and click current pages. It makes you stylishly set your browser.

How to find the IP address of the router on Android, iOS, Windows and Mac?

Internet Addresses or IP addressesas they are called in short are methods used to find any devices connected to a network, be it a public network or a private network. They are assigned by the manufacturer of the device or by the person who provides your internet. They are essential for any device that’s connected to a network. You may be connected to a public network, or maybe in your home, then you may connect all your devices. These individual devices are all provided with their IP addresses by their maker. These devices may be a computer, a printer, a mobile phone or even a router. But all devices need to have an identity. This address helps one to identify your device and also to locate the device based on the address. Finding the IP address of your device is very important, and today we’ll see how to do that on a range of devices like an Android-powered phone, an iOS powered device, and those that run on Windows and Mac.

On an Android device

It’s not easy to find out the IP address in devices that run on the Android Operating system. Android does not provide an easy or a direct way to get some info on the IP address. So you have to resort to sideloading some third-party apps that can help you out with this. There are many such apps, but the one on the radar today is the Wi-Fi Analyzer. It is such a great app that helps you choose the correct Wi-Fi channel for your router. In this app, you have to go to the View menu. There choose the AP List. Then click on a menu that shows ‘Connected to…..’ where you’ll find the Gateway menu’s address.

For a Mac OS

On a Mac OS X, follow the below path and you can find the IP address on Mac:

  • On the Apple menu at the top left corner, go to the System Preferences option.
  • Here, under the Internet & Wireless section, select the Network preferences.
  • Choose the network interface that you are connected to and go to the Advanced option at the bottom.
  • On the choices provided at the top, select the TCP/IP option.
  • You will have received your router’s address.

It is the same for almost all the Mac’s OS X devices.

For Windows devices

The method to find an IP address for windows varies with the version of Windows. So let’s see for both Windows 7 and 8.1 from the following steps:

  • For Windows 7, go to the Network Connections in the Control Panel option from the Start menu. Search for ‘adapter’ and choose View Network Connections under the Network and Sharing Centre option.
  • Then choose active network connection and then View Status of this connection.
  • Then go to details where you can find the address on the Value column.
  • In Windows 8.1, directly start typing View Network Connections in the start menu, and the rest of the steps are the same.

For iOS devices

All iOS devices follow the same method in finding an IP address.

  • Go to the Settings application and open the Wi-Fi section.
  • There’s an info button in blue next to Wi-Fi network’s name that you are connected to.
  • Inside that, type the Router option and you’ll get a number next to it.
  • It is the iOS’ IP address.

So now you’ve learnt how to find the IP addresses for different devices. Everything mentioned in this guide about changing your favourite browsers’ homepage setting is easy and requires not much of the technical knowledge. Therefore, to make your browser page more attractive, you can follow this sweet and short guide to be a geek without much ado!