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Best Messaging Apps for iPhone/iPad

f we look back, SMS or short message service was the best thing that happened with a mobile phone invention. Communication across several distances was never so much fun and easy as it is today. Instead, it is several levels better with the launch of free applications like WhatsApp that let the users’ message and share pictures, videos, send recorded messages, and allow group chat. If you are an iPhone user, you will swear by the iMessage service, but what if you are not? We give you a list of certain messaging applications that are best for iPhone/iPad with the reasons that make them popular. Let us discuss it in detail.

Best Messaging Apps for iPhone/iPad

We start with some of the most common and popular messaging applications like:

  • iMessage: Apple’s official messaging app is built-in, which means the user does not need to make any efforts to download the app or sign in to initiate the service. To start using the iMessage service on your Apple device, go to the settings, enable the service and enter your Apple ID.
  • WhatsApp: One of the most popular messaging services that are already being used by half a billion users and is the one that almost 90% of the people have on their mobile phones. It works with almost all phones, including the iPhone as well. The fact that the app encrypts the messages between the users rates it high on privacy and security.
  • Telegram: Telegram is another impressive messaging app that works with Android, IOS, Linux, Windows, Mac, Windows phone, and Chrome browser. The user can send simple text messages, photos, and videos as well. Group messaging is also easy to start, and the user can also send voice messages as in WhatsApp and share their location.
  • Twitter: Yes, Twitter can also be used as a messaging application since one can send a direct message to the following people. Though not too great, the app can do well for text messages. The application can work with almost any device connected to the internet and can be used to send plain text messages that have 140 characters per message. It’s a social networking site and can be used free of cost.

Can’t connect to How to Fix?

Every device that you use can be identified when it’s connected to a network. For this, your device is provided with an address so that you can be located by this address. This address is provided to you by your Internet provider or the one who manufactures your device. This address is called the Internet Protocol address or the IP address in short. The IP address is an address that has been assigned to every device for identification when that device is connected to a TCP/IP network. It can be for any device, be it a phone or a computer, a printer or a router, because all of these are usually connected to a network.

This is an IP address that is very commonly used. It’s the default address that most manufacturers use in their ADSL modems and their wireless routers. They can help identify a device when connected to any network, be it a public network or a private network. This address is used very commonly. So when connecting to a router by using this address, one may happen to come across some problems. Let’s look at what these problems may be and how one can solve them.

Some general problems and ways to fix them.

Here’s a list of some common problems that a user may come across when trying to connect to and how to fix them:

  • Wrong IP address: Many people try to login to the router by typing on the wrong IP or gateway address. These IP addresses are case sensitive, which may deem your IP wrong. And check if you have mistaken any number or something like that.

To solve this, you can run an ipconfig on your windows or run an ipconfig on a *nix to ensure the correct IP address.

  • Forgot Password: Many people have a problem with remembering the password and this can also prevent you from connecting to your router by this address.

To solve this, you must reset the password you may have to reset your router. For this, first, adjust the hardware settings by using a needle or a toothpick to click on a secret button that’s provided in the router. You must go to your browser and again type in your username and password which are both ‘admin’ by default. It helps you to log in and make the necessary changes to the password. Then this gets saved on the router.

  • Can’t access the router login: Follow the below steps to solve this problem.
  1. Plug your router into an active power source and ensure it is done properly.
  2. Check for the connections properly for the connection between the router interface’s device and the router.
  3. If connecting to the router network through a Wi-Fi is not working, then go for an Ethernet cable.
  4. In case you happened to change the default IP address of the router (which is, try entering the new IP address that you gave, instead of the old one.
  5. Sometimes you may have to change your web browser, or sometimes even your computer or the modem.
  6. Clear the cache in your browser if it happens to be full.
  7. Sometimes the firewall and other protection software may prevent JavaScript from being executed, and if this is the problem, you must disable all of them.

These are the methods that can follow if you can’t connect to While not all of them are necessarily messaging application, they do well and are compatible with IOS devices apart from others. For instance, Slack is a kind of Chat room while Line is more like a social network which is very popular down south.