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A Movie Lover’s Guide To Wholesome And Uninterrupted Video Streaming App

Do you wish to watch the latest TV shows on your iPhone or iPad? Do you love to watch Games of Thrones on your mobile phone without any trouble? Here is a solution to all these issues in Hotstar which became Apple TVs app of the year owing to its more than 120 million downloads and is highly appreciated for its over-the-top content.

Hotstar app came into being in 2015, and since then, it has made its presence felt in the field of live streaming services. Owned by Star India, this app is meant to provide on-demand services for video streaming.

If you are a movie freak, you may not like to miss movies or serials, and Hotstar app does the needful for you. Its awesome features are quite sharp in terms of technicalities and quality of videos being delivered. This guide talks about the minutest aspects of Hotstar App for iOS, reason being, and it is an iPhone that gives flawless performance due to fast-paced speed for viewing the motion pictures.

What is Hotstar?

Hotstar is a live streaming app that makes you watch the movies and TV shows on your iPhone or iPad and considered a pocket TV as it serves as a good substitute for TV. This app is loved widely for a wide range of movies and TV shows watched daily. Since its launch, demand for downloading has been going up on a massive scale for multiple reasons that we shall delve here in this guide.

Why is this app loved so much?

Hotstar App for iOS is liked for its ultimate speed, enabling you to watch anything in the languages you understand. Be it Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu or Kannada, and you will not find any shortage of options available for languages you are familiar with. Besides this, download this app for the following reasons:

  • Motion pictures load faster as compared to other live-streaming apps
  • Also supports Android-based devices
  • Works on the platforms which includes desktops and mobile phones
  • You may pick a 3G, Wi-Fi, LTE network to let this app work smoothly

Apart from the above features, the Hotstar app makes you watch HD resolution videos that accentuate live streaming pleasure.

Installing a Hotstar app on your device

This app is more interesting for many reasons when compared with other live streaming apps. There is no app which can be shared with your friends and also the installation is free, so watch the movie without getting much troubled.

Ways to download this app on your phone are simple with following steps:

  • Home screen -> Open App Store -> Search tab.
  • search tab -> enter Hotstar
  • Accept all permissions -> click on “get” tab -> install the App
  • After installation -> login

The above steps ensure that hotstar app is installed properly in your devices, but before installation, make sure you have a trouble-free net connection.

Category of videos

Hotstar app enables searching of videos in the following categories:

  • TV
  • Sports
  • Shows
  • Movies
  • Languages
  • Genres
  • Channels

The above categories make the searching easy and convenient so that you don’t have to browse across a plethora of choices.

Features of Hotstar for Windows

Besides streaming movies on varied languages, the Hotstar for Windows allows the users to enjoy various other features including:

  • It supports all Indian languages including Hindi, English, Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali and more
  • The application for PC allows the users to stream full-length episodes of their favourite TV shows and channels
  • It has an organized interface with different categories, including drama, crime, thriller, action, comedy, etc.
  • Users can “Pause” shows which they can stream later as per their convenience
  • There is no requirement of registration
  • It is free to use and no money required for streaming
  • It allows you to save your favourite movies and shows in the playlist which one can stream later
  • It allows streaming videos and movies with a slow internet connection of 2G
  • It allows downloading movies for free so that you can stream them later with no internet.
  • It enables you to stream videos and movies in HD quality
  • Sports and TV shows are broadcasted in HD quality

How to Download Hotstar for Windows?

It is very easy and simple to download the Hotstar for Windows on your PC. However, there is no official Hotstar application available for Windows PC, and hence you need to download the APK file of Hotstar App to install it on your PC. You need to follow certain steps to get the Hotstar App on your PC and start streaming videos for free. No matter which version of Windows you are using, it is necessary to ensure that your PC is equipped with robust Android emulator to get the APK file of Hotstar App on your PC. There are many Android Emulators available over the internet, and the best amongst them is the BlueStacks. It is the best Android emulator that you need to download on your Windows PC to get the APK file of Hotstar App on your PC. Below are the steps you need to follow to get the Hotstar for Windows App on your PC.


You need to go to the official website of BlueStacks and download the Android Emulator on your PC. Downloading the emulator will allow you to play all the Android Apps and game son your PC without hassles. You need to download the emulator from its website and install it on your Windows PC for free.


Once the Android Emulator’s installation is completed on your PC, you need to launch the emulator on your PC and go to its home screen. Now you need to go to the search bar and type Hotstar for Windows. You will be provided with the APK file of the application which you need to download on your PC


Now you are required to click the APK file and start the downloading process. You need to follow the instructions for installation. Once you click the install button at the Right corner of the window, the installation process will start. Follow the instructions and wait for few minutes to get the application installed.

Once the installation is over, you need to launch the Hotstar for Windows App on your PC and enjoy streaming all your favourite TV shows, movies and sports for free.

For all the above reasons, get your phone equipped with this app which never compromises the quality of entertainment you expect. Hotstar app for iOS is worth downloading and saves on your pocket by slashing down your bills of movie theatres!