September 11, 2021 0 Comments Technology, Tutorials

9 In-Demand IT Jobs in the UK in 2021

If you are someone that has recently left education and you have a degree in IT, then you may be wondering what steps you can take to put your degree to use and pursue a career in the world of IT.  What you may not realise is that there are a lot of career opportunities for people with a degree in IT and you are quite spoiled for choice. Here are 9 in-demand IT jobs in the UK in 2021.

IT Support

For as long as there have been computers, there have been people who do not understand how to use their computers. Not everyone was born with the gift of understanding technology and so if you have a natural ability with IT, then there could be a job in IT support in your future. Many companies are always on the lookout for inhouse IT support to help keep things running and so if this sounds like something you could do, take a look at this article on becoming an IT support specialist to learn about what qualifications you need and what you can expect from a career in IT support.

Web Developer

If you have the skillset and experience when it comes to creating websites then you may want to look for a job in web development. Almost everything these days is online, which means many businesses need people to create company websites and create a place to advertise their products.

Website Tester

It is important to remember that as humans we can make mistakes. This means that even someone with years of experience could make a website that has mistakes and if these mistakes go unnoticed, companies could lose out on a lot of money. Many web development companies look for people to test their website to ensure that there are no mistakes and they prefer people with IT experience that will be able to describe any issues perfectly.

Computer Programmer

Computer programming is not something that is easy to do and so many companies are always eager for people with experience in that area.  What is great about getting into the world of computer programming is that there is always room for learning and many companies will pair you with a mentor that will improve your own skills.

Game Developer

If you are someone that loves gaming and you want to learn more about the world of creating games, we recommend that you look into game development. Games are getting more advanced every year and companies are always looking for the next generation of game developers to help improve the quality of the games that they are releasing.

Support Specialist

If you are someone who understands the world of IT and you have a brain full of IT knowledge, then you should look into becoming a support specialist. Support specialists don’t just diagnose simple problems with computers, they instead use their complex knowledge to solve complex issues that your everyday IT technician wouldn’t be able to. If you can think fast and solve difficult IT problems, then this is the job for you.

Network Engineer

Every business that depends on a lot of people using computers will have a network. A network allows a user to access their data, no matter what device they are using. Networks can, unfortunately, be unreliable and so they require constant maintenance.  Networks also face a lot of potential security risks and so require someone to be able to ensure that the data stored within them are safe.

Database Administrator

If you are someone that is organised and love working with data, then you must look into database administration. Database administrators use specific software that allows them to keep track of data. Examining data allows you to diagnose problems with a network or computer, which many companies find desirable.

Software Engineer

We are a society that lives almost entirely online. Each year companies develop new software that can be used to make everyday life much easier and more efficient. If you are someone with an idea for new software or you want to help with someone else’s idea,  why not look into being a software engineer?