Custom admin design

Custom admin design Often we get asked by developers if they are allowed to replace the Jojo logo with their own logo, and whether there are any license issues with rebranding Jojo as their own product.

Basically, rebranding Jojo as your own CMS product is fine with us.

Here's a simple plugin you can download which can help you to customize the admin area with your own logo and colours.

Capsaicin admin area

A basic example of a custom admin area.

It is intended that you download and install this plugin, then replace the example logo and colors with your own.


Download here. 'Capsaicin' is the name of my company - chances are, you don't want my logo and name on your sites and neither do I, so rename the plugin folder to suit your company name (no spaces allowed in plugin names, use underscores instead) and swap out the Capsaicin logo with your own.

This plugin is designed to work with the upcoming release of Jojo in April 2009 or the current SVN trunk copy or snapshot. If you need to start customizing sooner than that, you will need to hack the core files directly (the logo can be found at plugins/jojo_core/cms/admin/logo.png).

We are happy for you to call Jojo whatever you like, however there are plenty of hard-coded mentions of the word 'Jojo' throughout the admin area. We are looking to replace these with a variable, to make it easier to rebrand Jojo as your own CMS.


We do rely on the footer link on each Jojo site, which is basically the only payment we get for our work. If you do decide to rebrand Jojo and need to remove this link as not to condfuse the client, we'd really appreciate either a donation, or a live link from somewhere on the site.


Harvey & the team.

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